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    How do I add a dynamic field to a table?

    Marcelo Gittermann

      I have an Excel sheet with two columns; URL and CITY. I am reading in the URL (which leads to an xml) and loading the data from each. But The xml doesn't have a city name so that is why I've added the city name in the Excel. I can read in the urls fine with a loop:


      let vCounter = fieldvaluecount('field');

      for i=1 to $(vCounter)

      let vExcelUrlValue = FieldValue('url',$(i));

      let vExcelCityValue = FieldValue('city',$(i));





      LOAD xx,



          $(vExcelCityValue) as city // This is the part that doesn't work.

      FROM $(vExcelUrlValue) ;



      If I type 'Chicago' instead of $(vExcelCityValue) it works but I want it to by dynamic by getting the cityname from the Excel-document.


      I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!