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    Can I reduce the click required to switch between slices in a piechart?

      I have an appication that I am putting together.  I have a pie chart that shows sales per quarter for the last for quarters.  Below the pie chart are some summary graphs and tables for the year.  Currently when a user selects one of the quadrants of the pie, for example the 3rd quarter, the pie represents the entire 3rd quarter (removing the other 3 slices and filling the chart with 100% of the 3rd quarters color) and the charts and tables below the pie refresh their data accordingly.


      Unfortunately, for users to switch between quarters, they need to click the pie again to show all four quarters and then select another quarter to drill into.


      It would be nice if a pie slice was able to be selected and either appear raised, or depressed (some clear indication that it was selected) and the other pie slices would remain.  that way the users could simply click around the slices of the chart and easily compare the data. 


      Any thoughts on how to make this happen?



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          Stefan Wühl

          Yes, would be nice if QV would have something like this out of the box, but maybe you could do it like this:


          I assume you are using Quarters as dimension and an aggregation function as expression, something like



          To prevent QV from only showing the selected quarter, use set analysis to retrieve the full set of data or clear selection in Quarters:


          = sum({1} Sales




          =sum({<Quarter= >} Sales)


          Now you should see all Quarters, all time, but still you don't know which Quarter is selected (by only looking at this chart).


          Now you could set a background color to indicate the selection: Open the attributes by clicking on the small plus next to the expression in expression tab. For background color, use something like

          =if(Month=GetFieldSelections(Month), lightblue())


          See also attached.


          This is just a raw idea, hope it helps to get you a solution.