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    Incorporating Revised Forecasts in a Bar Chart


      I could really do with some help on this, please.


      I've created a Bar Chart that displays Actual, Plan and I also want to display the Quarter ForeCast and Full Year ForeCast.

      The Actual and Plan are working fine, e.g.  sum( {<source= {'actual'} >} values ) etc


      The Time dimensions are selected using List Boxes, year, month, quarter.


      The Forecasts are revised each month as the year progresses,

      e.g. The quarterly forecasts

      Q1 forecast created in Jan. = 470, Q1 forecast created in Feb = 500, etc.


      The problem that arises with the Forecast is if I select Jan and Feb the I'll get a sum of Q1 Jan and Feb, ie 970

      when in fact I need to display Q1 Feb forecast 500, similiraily if I select Jan, Feb, March, April, May I'll need to display the Revised Quarter for Q2 in May.,

      i.e. 900


      A similiar problem arises when selecting full year forecasts.


      If anyone can offer any help I'd really appreciate it.