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    Variable Issue

      I want to load data belonging to the latest batch of data.


      I created a max date for data i receive form a database.


      Load Max(Date(Date#(MONTH_BATCH,'YYYY-MM'),'YYYY-MM')) as MaxDate

      resident Test ;


      Let vMaxDate = Date(Date#(peek('MaxDate', -1),'YYYY-MM'),'YYYY-MM')



      When I load the data form the qvd with all the data, I plan to use the vMaxDate variable in the where clause.


      The variable returns the right value ie., '2012-05' when i check it in a text box with the expression '=vMaxDate'


      But when I use =$(vMaxDate), the value it returns is 2007.


      What could be the issue here?



        • Variable Issue
          Tom Hoch

          Hi Bharath,


          Your date is being evaluated as string so when you expand the variable vMaxDate QV is interpreting it as 2012 - 5 which equals 2007.


          To have it evaluate to a date remove the date function like this:



          Load Max(Date#(MONTH_BATCH,'YYYY-MM'),'YYYY-MM') as MaxDate

          resident Test ;


          And to set it to the variable:


          Let vMaxDate = peek('MaxDate', 0);


          The variable will then be 41030 which is May 1, 2012.