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    List box -- filtering out data values to display

      Hi everyone,


      I'm an extremely new Qlikview user, so my question has essentially two parts.  I have a table that shows values associated to "Campaign_Name" and a list box that contains ALL of the available fields from "Campaign_Name", though I do not want to have them all there -- there is a bunch I want to filter out.


      Basically what I want to do is show (in the list box and table) ONLY "Campaign_Name" values that contain "EVNT" AND "2012".  I am absolutely clueless as to how to filter this out.  Is this where I write an expression?  What would the syntax look like for this?


      Second part of my question -- is there a handy reference guide that can give me some 101 on how to do things like this in the future?  The most confusing thing to me about Qlikview is by far crazy syntax/formulas to do these types of things.


      ALL help is appreciated!