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    Dynamic visual cue



      I have a pivot table.


      So says,




      very simple table and i need to build the visual cue, to make color coding, if sales is more than xxx values it will be green if below, it will be red.

      and this xxx values are stored in excel, how can i map them?


      any idea anyone? Thanks.[

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          Jonathan Dienst



          The visual cue limit values can be expressions. Read the limit values from your excel sheet and put them in variables which you can then use in the visual cue limits.


          Note that these limits will be one upper fixed value and one lower fixed value per chart, they will not follow the dimensions of the chart.


          If you need something more dynamic, you can use an expression to set the foreground and background values. Click the small + sign next to the dimensions on the dimensions tab, or next to the expressions on the expressions tab. This expression will be evaluated in the chart context.


          Hope that helps