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    Google map via Internet proxy

      Hi all,


      The customer site has internet proxy and they need to show google map. I try to copy url picture and paste on URL bar after I sign on proxy but when user log in via Internet explorer it still not show any picture on Qlikview app


      Please help...

      Thanks in advance.

        • Google map via Internet proxy

          I assume you mean when users connect to the doc on the server using IE?

          Does the account that the QVS is running under have access through the proxy?

          If not, try to get that account granted the access, then the map should display.

            • Google map via Internet proxy

              Dear Superquinn,


              I dont have any experience how to set up the QVS and Proxy together,  the internet explorer configuration need to add proxy IP and when you are trying to connect to the internet you need authentication.


              The account that I use for authentication I can connect to internet such as google but I still cannot display the google map. So could you please advice if I may need to configure something else.


              Thanks a lot.

            • Google map via Internet proxy
              Bill Britt

              The issue is with the QlikView server machine. You need to setup the Proxy to allow the IP of the QlikView server to bypass the Proxy server.