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    Best way to range date



      Can someone please advise on the best way to range a certain date?

      Lets say I have a column with date from 01/01/205 to 01/01/2012.

      Another column with Sales Amount.


      I would like to range the sales from Fev/2009 to present month Mai/2012.


      Also to include month on the range.


      Thnaks a lot.



        • Best way to range date
          Jose Tos



          See that you could create two new variables with the date´s values you want and replace those to StartDate and EndDate so I write both options:


          sum({<Date={'>=$(=StartDate)'},Date={'<=$(=EndDate)'}>}[Sales Amount])


          sum({<Date={'>=$(=$(vStartDate))'},Date={'<=$(=$(vEndDate))'}>}[Sales Amount])


          Try this and tell me.




            • Best way to range date

              Thanks man,


              The first option worked fine.


              Now, when a select a diferent month, the date isn´t displayed. The sales amount is fixed to my variables values, do you know how can I leave more flexible? Is it what the second option does?




                • Best way to range date
                  Jose Tos

                  Hi Jorge


                  With the second option you could choose any dates you want. You need to create 2 entry box where you can write the MinDate and the MaxDate associated with the new variables, so you could use this:


                  sum({<Date={'>=$(=$(vMinDate))'},Date={'<=$(=$(vMaxDate))'}>}[Sales Amount])


                  You could do the same thing with months if you prefer but making a month selection:


                  sum({<Month={'>=$(=$(vMinMonth))'},Date={'<=$(=$(vMaxMonth))'}>}[Sales Amount])


                  Si prefieres, para siguientes ocasiones usamos el español.


                  Saludos, espero que te ayude.