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    User cannot login after changing MS Windows password

      Hi all,


      here's a curious issue. There is a company that has both QlikView server and access point v.11. It all was running properly. The users are taken from a MS Windows Active Directory and they get CALs. Right.


      Therefore, there is a user that someday changed the windows password having a session opened. Since this change she cannot login inside access point. The login page remains stalled (loading document...) and she never really enters.


      If I open all the existing logs  there's no information about the attempt to log-in. Therefore, about one hour later I can see that a CAL was dilevered to the user.


      From her machine other users can log-in, so it is not a machine issue.

      The user can log-in the MS Windows domain.


      I have changed the pasword to the initial one, removed all licenses, atc.. and the issue it is still to be fixed.


      Could you please help me out??


      Kind regards,