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      I am trying to figure out how to prorate a certain metric. The way it works is, we prorate the time customer service representatives are available to take phone calls in a quarter vs the total time there are at work since some of their time is allocated to doing projects. I have figured out the how to prorate in month 1 but I am not sure how to prorate in the months going forward. I am pretty sure there is an easy solution but I since I am new to Qlikview I am not sure.


      Here is what I am trying to figure out:


      In January, the prorate would be Prorate/1


      In February, Prorate/ 2


      March, Prorate/3


      In Q2 the prorate resets to month 1 again and it becomes prorate/1 and so on.

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          Mike Hennigan

          You could add a mapping table like this:



          Mapping Load * INLINE [

               Month, Prorate
















          Then add this line to your master table:


               Prorate / ApplyMap('ProrateMap',right(YearMonth,3)) as Calculation


          I hope this helps.

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              The numerator changes each month as well.


              For example


              Month 1= Prorate/1


              Month2= (Month1 Prorate+ Month2 Prorate)/2


              Month3= (Month1 Prorate + Month2 Prorate + Month3 Prorate)/3



              Any Ideas?



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              Deepak Vadithala



              I have made following assumptions to workout an example :

              1. Assuming that you don't want to caculate in the script and you wanted to directly use the chart for YearMonth Dimension

              2. There are multiple Prorate values for each YearMonth Dimension, so I'm using Sum() as aggregation but you can change it to whatever is applicable

              3. Assuming that YearMonth field is a string and not in date format. So I'm converting the field to numeric value.


              Here is the expression :

              sum(Prorate) / IF( Mod(Num(Month(date#(Right(YearMonth, 3),'MMM'))), 3) = 0, 3, Mod(Num(Month(date#(Right(YearMonth, 3),'MMM'))), 3))


              Logic :

              • Converting the YearMonth field to month numbers (numeric values)
              • Using the Mod() function to calculate the logic. Example : Jan = 1, Feb = 2, Mar = 3, Apr = 1, May = 2...


              And I'm also attaching the QVW file for your reference. I hope it makes sense.


              Good luck!






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                  This is very helpful!!


                  In response to the assumptions that you made:


                  1) I am trying to calculate this in the scrip not directly in the chart, because I need to use the prorate to discount other metrics.

                  2) There are multipleYearMonth dimensions because they correlate to different reps . I did not include the agent information because I didnt think it was necessary. However, I have included reps for your reference.

                  3) TheYearMonth is in a string format.


                  Does anything change now?