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    Problem to creating web base document(reload from the web document)

      Hi All


      am working with Qlik View Server  11 , I have created a document on Qlik View Desktop 11 and I have set up QlikView server by IIS for publishing my Created document on the web (web browser).My created document works properly on the desktop mod and also vebView, the Qlik View document that i have created has 2 input box that can get 2 date for defineing a time reng, these input boxes fills my variable in QV script and my SQL, the thing that has written in Edit Scrip ,is working by using of these variable values . I created a bottum on my Sheet and i set the action on EXTERNAL , Reload , this document is working very good on the desktop mod and veb view mod, but when i opened document in the web browser it didn't works , then i have tryed to creating a macro for using of "ActiveDocument.DoReload" , I have wrriten exactly following scrip in Edit Madule scriping window " and i set the Bottum Action on Run macro,


      sub Rev ()

      set rdl = ActiveDocument

      rdl.DoReload 0,false,false

      End Sub


      this macro has been working on web view mod and desktop mod but it has not worked from the web (when i open document in web Browser) and the bottum is looking a bottun without any action .

      It is my first time that I am trying to Create a web base QV Document , I hope i could describ the issues, the Issue is that How i can Create and provid Qlik View document like a web base Document and what should i do in order to working Qlik View in the Web same as desktop mode .

      attachments are 3 picture of my macro , my Script and my sheet . I appriciate if someone can hold my hand in this case