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    Date format

    Jose Tos



      I´m trying this in the load script to create a field Date type, but trying many ways, it always stays like Timestamp.


      Date(Floor(MonthEnd(MakeDate(Left(PERIODO,4),Right(PERIODO,2),'01'))))    ---->TimeStamp


      MonthEnd(MakeDate(Left(PERIODO,4),Right(PERIODO,2),'01'))  ---->TimeStamp


      If I do MonthEnd(MakeDate(Left(PERIODO,4),Right(PERIODO,2),'01')) as EndDate in TABLE1, returns to me a timestamp,

      but after that I do Date(Floor(EndDate)) and I get a date field. Why if I apply those functions like my first choice it doesn´t work??


      Thnak`s for any help.


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          Jason Michaelides

          Try wrapping in Date# before the Date(), so Date(Date#(blah blah blah),'DD/MM/YYYY')

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              Jose Tos

              Hi Jason,


              Thank you, it´s working. But I have a question about this because I´ve tried to do this with two different fields that I have also in my master calendar.


              MasterCalendar: I have a date field that is %Date and a timestamp field that is [Month Year], so if I try the previous sentence and I name that as %Date, then I get a date field, but if I name as [Month Year], I get a timestamp. That´s because of my types of data in my Master Calendar and QlikView force to be that fields the same type ??