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    Pivot table allocated memory exceeded

      Hi Everyone,


      I am trying to disable few expression from my chart.

      But as  I do it, this error messag pops out "Allocated memory exceeded:.


      Did anyone come up with this issue? and if yes, can you please suggest what

      needs to be done.




        • Pivot table allocated memory exceeded
          Aaron Couron

          Usually this issue is a result of some calculation that is just too much for QlikView or the result is "not calculable" within your parameters.  You might have either a standard expression, calculated dimension or formatting expression that is causing an issue.  The thing that bothers me about your question is that you are simply disabling expressions.  I would not think that would cause an issue usually unless you have some other expression that refers to the expression you are disabling.

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              Maxim Senin



              I have a "conditional" error "Allocated memory exceeded" in Pivot (with 2 dimensions one of which is calculatable):

              1. In Access Point - it does not appear when all dimensions are in rows and appears right after dragging of the calculated dimension from rows to columns

              2. In QV Desktop - it does not appear at all


              ...believe you or not. Thinking how to avoid such a displaying, namely change the wishful view to something else without lost of representation.


              Best regards,


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              Raju Kuppusamy

              Hi Bikash,


              I had this issue when i develop trend analysis. I had written some expression in the dimension which was given this memory exceed error, then i brought this expression in query itself to avoid this error and it worked fine. I would suggest you to bring your dimension calculation in query itself to avoid this issue.






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                  I had a similar problem with a very small table - 392 rows by 10 columns, so no way that memory was exceeded on my 16GBRAM machine!


                  However, Raju is on to something - my last dimension was calculated and would not display in a pivot table ("allocated memory exceeded") but would display fine in a straight table. I took Raju's suggestion, and moved the 'mixmatch' function into the script. Bingo! The pivot table now displays without issue.