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    Exception due to invalid child element "ServiceKeyBehavior" in QMS Service Config


      I'm working with the QMS API (V. 11), using boiler plate code (taken from a demo project downloaded from this site) in VS 2010, in a C Sharp web solution (.NET Framework 4.0).

      My QV server is on another machine and is referenced as http://qlikview:4799/QMS/Service. I have already successfully compiled and run this code as a console application. However, in a web application, although the content of the web.config is identical to the app.config of the console app) I am getting a ConfigurationErrors exception at run time error when creating an instance of the BackEndClient object: it is related to the <serviceKeyBehavior> child element of the ServiceKeyEndpointBehaviour element (highlighted in red below).



      <behavior name="ServiceKeyEndpointBehavior">






      The relevant exception detail is as follows:


      The type '[MyNamespace].ServiceKeyBehaviorExtensionElement, [MyNamespace], Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' registered for extension 'serviceKeyBehavior' could not be loaded.


      This configuration error has been reported by other developers (see http://community.qlik.com/message/169367#169367) but I find no solution to the issue and it baffles me that my console app runs flawlessly but the web app throws this exception when the referenced QMS service is identical and is identically configured in the respective config files.

      I would greatly appreciate any help on this irritating error as it has already cost me much time and nerves. I have tried compiling the code under 3.5 to no effect. I see no alternative coding options. So where do I go from here???!!!!