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    Get specific value of field



      I am trying to get the description of a tjhe value associated with it:


      for the value I have this expression,


      Sum(Aggr(If([Sector] = 'Other Equity', MAX(MarketValue)),Sector)


      This gives me the value I need, Now I need the InstrumentDescription associated with this value,


      I tried using the ffg:


      =if(MarketValue=Sum(Aggr(If([Sector] = 'Other Equity', MAX(MarketValue)),Sector)),InstrumentDescription)


      But, unfortunately I do not get anything.


      Does anybody know a way of doing this...


      Kind Regards,


        • Get specific value of field
          Jason Michaelides



          Only({<MarketValue={"=Sum(Aggr(If([Sector] = 'Other Equity', MAX(MarketValue)),Sector)"}>} InstrumentDescription)


          Hope this helps,



            • Get specific value of field



              I got this to work:



              Minstring({< MarketValue = {$(=Num(Max({<[Sector] = {'Equity'}>} MarketValue)))} >} [InstrumentDescription])


              This gives me the Highest value, but I also want the lowest value, But when I do this



              Minstring({< MarketValue = {$(=Num(Min({<[AssetClass] = {'Equity'}>} MarketValue)))} >} [InstrumentDescription])


              i.e. change Max to Min to get the least value I get nothing just a dash(-).


              Can you please help me with this...