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      I have a table with the fields say Id, Source, Address1 and Address2.


      My requirement is: If a particular Id(say 1111) comin from different sources(say A,B,C) which hold the same exact addresses should be given a seperate color(say Green), and also if addresses from different sources (say D,E) are same it should be in different color(say Red).


      I tried to match address of the other rows with a particular one, but the problem I faced was,  the coloring was independent of the field ID.

      what I wanto to do is I want to group by the table according to the field 'ID' and want to make the same color (green) for same address (for different datasources).



        • Development Scenario
          Jason Michaelides

          In your sample data, why is A1 for both Address1 and Address2 (for ID=1111) green, but one A2 is red while the other A2 is white?

            • Development Scenario

              When similar addresses are found, it should be coloured irrespective of address1 or address2.


              Since Address1 column has two fields holding the same address(A1) it is differentiated by green color and also another two fields holdin same address(A2) so it is given a different colour red.


              In Address2 column there are three fields holdin the same address(A1) so it is given one colour(green), whereas the rest of the fields does not hold the same address so it is not given any colour.


              Note: The address field generated from source "A" should be kept as reference inorder to compare the addresses generated from other sources(B,C,D,E) so that the same addresses in reference to source "A" address are differntiated by seperate colours.