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    Named User & doc CALs



      Is it possible to use the mixed licenses - Named User CAL and Document CAL on the same qlikview server? If so, how does it work? (I have tried with 2 different licenses on seperate machines but could not try the mixed ones on the same box.) Please can you shed the light on this.


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        • Named User & doc CALs
          Phil Bishop


          Here is the sequence of checking that takes place when a user presents themselves to AccessPoint and tries to open a document:


          If already a Named user, use this license

          If already a Document CAL user, use this license, if not

          Are there any Named User CALs available, allocate a license, if not

          Are there any Document CALs available, allocate a license


          Are there any Session CALs available, allow the user to use a session, if not (only for EE QVS)

          Are there any Usage CALs available, allocate a Usage CAL (only for EE QVS)

          If there are no CALs available, the user will be prompted to contact the system manager to request a license.


          Also, the ability to dynamically assign a Named User CAL or a Document CAL can be turned off if desired.
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              Hi Phil,


              Thanks very much.


              Only a couple questions come up though:



              1.      How does it configure “Name user” with unlimited documents?


              2.      How can I need define “Document user” with the dedicated/limited ONE document?


              Thanks again; much appreciated.


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                  Phil Bishop

                  If a person takes a Named User CAL, they have rights to access (based on security restrictions, of course) ANY document on the AccessPoint. If a person takes a Document CAL, they only have rights to access a SPECIFIC document on the AccessPoint - that is why the Document CAL is so much less $. To set a Document CAL, you need to assign this to the User Document. On QMC, go to User Document, then select the document you want on the left On the right, you will see a tab for Document CALs. Here you either assign a user or allow for dynamic assignment.
                  Note that if you have a set of new users coming in, some you want to give User CALs and some Document CALs, you will have to think through how you set the dynamic assignment if you do not want to go through the effort of manually assigning the CALs. For example, if you want to dynamically assign Document CALs, you will want to turn off dynamic assignment of User CALs.