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    Getting a query to load top rows in qlikview

      Hi community,


      I have a query that I would like to use to load data into qlikview with.  It goes something like the following:


      select top 1 MessageData.value('(/LogObject//Message)[1]','nvarchar(50)') from dbo.ApplicationLog

      where AppCode = 'CodaReportingService'

      and MessageData.value('(/LogObject//Message)[1]','nvarchar(50)') like '%*Year:2012%Period:3*%';


      I've tried parts of it and can just load message data.  Do you know how I would get this query to work? 


      I might be able to do a simple work around.  I need to know how do I load just the top 10 or 1 rows of the select statement?