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    Creating Separate Tables from single table

      Hi All,


      I am looking to take a single table like this:


      Field IDValue









      And break it into multiple individual table, such as this:

      Table 1

      Field IDValue

      Is this done in the script?




        • Creating Separate Tables from single table
          Jason Michaelides

          I'm not sure if you can use them with Straight Table charts, but you could maybe look at using Tellis charts with FieldId as both first and second dimension.


          Hope this helps,



          • Creating Separate Tables from single table
            Stefan Wühl

            Do you just want separate charts per Field ID in the front end?

            If not, I don't understand why you want to split your table into several tables in the data model, could you explain the reason for that?

              • Creating Separate Tables from single table

                Hi swuehl,


                Thanks for your question.


                That is exactly what I want - I needto be able to create separate tables on the front end.

                I will also need to create a tablethat contacts many of the values side by side, which is why I want them inthe data model as separate fields.


                Thanks again.



                  • Creating Separate Tables from single table
                    Stefan Wühl

                    If your field IDs are limited and you know all of them upfront, you could create straight tables, one for each ID and use Field ID and Value as dimension and

                    =sum({<[Field ID]={1}>} 1)


                    as expression (and hide this expression column in presentation tab). Replace the Field ID in the set modifier element list in each chart (1-->2-->3--->4...)


                    I assumed you just want to show the values in your table, no aggregation of values required (that's not much different, just limit your field value by a calculated dimension or a set expression).


                    Unfortunately, there is no trellis feature available for table charts. If you are using bar charts etc. you could try a trellis as suggested by Jason (available from dimension tab).

                    A trellis a kind of dynamically creating your charts, even if you don't know the exact number of dimension values.


                    You can also try using a Macro to create a chart for every dimension value, but I think this will be quite a lot of work to create a good layout of the charts ( this might also be the case for the trellis).


                    I think QV is just not really good at presenting data in the way you are looking for, because that's more a kind of traditional reporting style (like a section in Desktop Intelligence or Crystal Reports).


                    Sorry if all that's not very helpful for you.