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    Expersion if a month is selected and if more than one is selected??

      Hi Guys, I have this expresion in a bar chart:



      =if(Count(DISTINCT Mes) = 1 ,


      if(EDO_FIN = 'RESULTADOS', ((sum([Desv Abs])/TC)/1000),
      if(EDO_FIN = 'BALANCE',    ((sum([Total períodos de informe])/TC)/1000),

      if(EDO_FIN = 'RESULTADOS', ((sum([Desv Abs])/Avg(TC))/1000),
      if(EDO_FIN = 'BALANCE',    ((sum([Total períodos de informe])/Avg(TC))/1000),0)))))



      Mes means Month, what I need is that if I select just one month gives me the first 2 IF statements, and if more than one month is selected gives me the send pair of IF statement, I attahced the app for a better understand.


      Any Ideas??


      Thank you all!!