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    Challenging Stacked Bar Chart Showing Contribution

      Greetings, Qlikview folks. I have a requirement from a user to show a rather strange stacked bar chart that I'm completely stumped about how to create in Qlikview (the user was able to create it in Excel).


      The chart looks like this:




      Basically, it's a stacked bar chart that shows the contribution of each answer to a total of 100% (note that each bar is the same height).


      On its own this isn't incredibly hard to do; I would use an expression like:


      count(Attribute) / count(total <2nd dimension> Attribute)


      What's particularly challenging is that they want to move the X axis so that it always lays above the bottom two amounts, as shown in the above image (note that the size of each segment of the bar is proportional to its value.


      I've played around with this for several hours and I just can't come up with a way to recreate this in Qlikview. I expect any solution offered will involve multiple expressions.


      Anyone want to shoot me some ideas to play around with?