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    Problem with spaces in a filename - button action to open read-only in Excel

    Sarah Hymers



      In a qvw one field I have is [File].  This includes filenames like "ABC.xlsm" and "ABC 2.xlsm".  I have a button on my qvw to open the file indicated by your selections (the button has an enable condition so that it is only actionable when there is a single file based on your selections).  All the files are Excel files, and I want the button to open them as read-only.


      I thought I had this solved: I was using the following settings for the button action:


      Action:           Launch

      Application:     EXCEL.EXE

      Filename:        =' /r \\server\folder\'  & Only(File)


      ... where \\server\folder\ is obviously the file location, and Only(File) returns the filename.   The /r bit specifies read-only.  The settings are shown in the picture below.


      BUT I have just realised the button isn't working as intended where there is a space in the filename.  So it works for "ABC.xlsm" but not for "ABC 2.xlsm".  With "ABC 2.xlsm", it tries to open 2 files in Excel, "ABC" and "2": i.e. it treats the space in the filename as some sort of list delimiter.

      Does anybody have any suggestions?  I have already tried a few things, none with any success:


      1. Use " " double quotes (this doesn't work as QV thinks it's a bad field name)
      2. Use [ ] square brackets around the filename (then it just thinks one file is called "[ABC" and the other is called "2.xlsm")
      3. Not specifying EXCEL.EXE as the application, and just entering the filepath in "Application" rather than "Filename".  This works if I just put in           '\\server\folder\'  & Only(File)      as the Application: i.e. it does work opening files with spaces in, such as ABC 2.xlsm.  However, I can't get the syntax to work with the read-only parameter /r.


      Unfortunately changing the filenames to exclude spaces is not an option.


      Your help is much appreciated!




      button action - read-only in excel.JPG