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    Use of inter record functions in calculated dimention

      Hi all,


      I have a table like the one below. The columns are as follows:

      1. date - startdate (i.e. days between start and measurement)

      2. =aggr(rangesum(above(Avg(ErstattetTemperatur),0,rowno())),Dato) (This is the one giving me grief)

      3. =avg(Sluttvekt) i.e average weight that day

      4. =Avg(ErstattetTemperatur) i.e. average temperature that day

      5. =RangeSum(ErstattetTemperatur,Above(TOTAL Column(3))) i.e. accumulated daydegrees (running sum of average temperature).


      The first two columns are dimensions, and the three last ones are expressions.


      My challange is to make a scatter plot of column 5 vs 3, where the division of points is based on column 1. The others are just there temporarily for the purpose of getting this correctly.


      As I understand it, I need to make column 5 into a calculated dimension (which is what i tried in column 2). So my question is simply, how can I get the same values as I have in column 5 into a calculated dimension?


      Any suggestions are highly appreciated!