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    [Added a screenshot] Graphic and "unique" date => Need help

      Hi everyone


      I'm french, and noob with qlikview, so I'll do my best to explain my problem.

      I've got the PDF document (934 pages in english), but I don't find the answer in it :/



      I have some simple datas from an sql table, that I charged in qlikview, no problem with that.


      SQL fields :

      - Date (yyyy/mm/dd hh:i:s)

      - ID



      I have to build a graphic that count the ID per date DD/MM/YYYY, without h:i:s.

      But, even with the dimension =date([Date de création], 'DD/MM/YYYY'), the graphic won't "join" the same date.


      In the X axe it's :






      ... etc


      Because in the datas, there are 05/04/2012 05:10:50 , 05/04/2012 07:13:21 etc ...



      CF : The screenshot



      How can I do, to have uniques dates on the X axe ?


      Thank you if you understand what I mean, and more thank you if you have an answer 



      Tell me if you need more infos : Screenshot, load script etc ...