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    Pivot table : "manual total row" independant of dimension selections



      In the example attached, I have succesfully created a total row aggregated by my dimensions.


      But now I want my "total" row remain when I do selection on the field Category (directly on the table or by a selection list)


      In the application attached here, I have two table (aggregate 1 & 2).


      If I select Category values by the list, I have always the good total value on my table aggregate1, but not on the second, aggregate2.

      If I select directly on the table aggregate1 dimension, I lose the total rows.


      On the second table I lose always the total values when I do selections.


      Could you help me? I want the total row remain on my pivot when I select Category field values.


      Is it possible to have this with some formula?

      If possible I prefer keep my table aggregate1 with changing expressions formula to keep the total rows independant of pivot table first dimension selections.