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    Match Null Values

    Scott Springer

      I have 2 tables:

      1) Data - Transaction level detail with various rows of charges - some rows have product ID's with associated unit charges, other rows have no product ID, only an amount for tax

      2) Categories - This table links to the data table to provide a category for each product ID sold.


      How do I reference the "Categories" and whenever the row contains a nullvalue for product ID or unit charge, have it categorize that charge as "Taxes"?


      Thank you


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          Scott Springer

          Thank you for the quick responses guys!  Hmmmmm, I can't get either of these to work, let me pose another problem I am having with my data that is very similar, it may help:  Table 1-LineItem Detail, Table2-Contract Category.  The 2 tables link from a SKU field where Table2 will look up the SKU from Table1 and return either - CORE or CATALOG.  I want to be able to use a list box with selections of: CORE/CATALOG/NON-CORE, where NON-CORE is everything where the SKU in Table 1 is not found in Table2.  Any ideas!?  Thank you!

            • Match Null Values
              Stefan Wühl

              If you just want to lookup a value from table 1 in table 2 and get another value back -  Core or Catalog, you could use a mapping load of table 2 and use applymap() function in table 1 with a default value of  'NON-CORE'. Please refer to the manual for all details.