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    Using Saved Custom Colors in expressions

    Angus Monro

      Hi Folks,


      I'm using SavedCustomColors in by Developer's settings.ini to save my company brand's colours.  This works fine when I'm using the palette to specify the colour for some object; but I can't see a way to access these colours from within an expression.  The Color() and SysColor() functions don't seem to reference this palette.  Am I missing something?


      I'm using QV10 SR3.





        • Using Saved Custom Colors in expressions
          Martin Pohl

          press the + symbol on tab formulas and double click the text colour

            • Using Saved Custom Colors in expressions
              Jason Michaelides

              Instead of using SavedCustomColors, maybe consider using a configuration spreadhseet.  You can put all kinds of stuff in here - to name just a few:


              • db connection strings for different environments
              • folder locations
              • brand colours
              • company-wide information such as addresses or logos etc
              • anything else not specific to a particular QV application!



              Then all your QV docs can have a Config tab that loads from this central spreadsheet.  For your brand colours you can have:


              Attribute = BrandForeground

              Value = RGB(111,222,111)

              Attribute = BrandBackground

              Value = RGB(123,188,255)


              This way if any of your server or branding settings need to change for any reason you only update the spreadsheet and all apps will follow without any changes...


              Hope this helps,



              • Using Saved Custom Colors in expressions
                Angus Monro

                Hi Martin,


                I don't understand your suggestion.  For example, if go into the Properties of a Text Object, and click on the (Background) Color button on the General tab, I can then select Calculated and then open an Edit Expression dialog to type the expression for the color.  I don't see a Formulas tab anywhere (although there is a Functions tab), and don't see a + symbol.  Could you explain further, please?