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    Disappearing Tab

      I am trying to add a tab to a Qlikview document. I add the tab, copy some filters from another tab, add some objects, saving my qvw at every step. I have made some changes to the script too. Then I reload the data. If this errors, and I choose the "Reload Previous data" option, when I return to the Qlikview document, my shiny new tab is no longer there. I am frustrated beyond belief by this. What blazingly simple error am I making?


      The document uses Section Access, which I must admit I don't really understand. The document was originally set up by an outside party, and I am one of a couple of developers who will need to add to the document over time.


      Any and all help would be appreciated.

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          Check whether sheet level access is given to users, if the same then add your new sheet in the section access file and give access for yourself to the sheets.


          This should work. Or share your sample section Access file.