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    Subtotals in Profit&Loss Statement



      I already manage to get the structure of my simple PL statement into QlikView sorting it with the LineNum.

      I now have got the problem to display Subtotals. I don't want to use the Pivottable because I don't like the design and it is going to be to broad after expanding.


      Please find attached my expamle I worked with. P02 (Operating income) should be the subtotal of P01 (Turnover). P05 (Operating profit) should be the total of all Ps.


      I did not manage to create a kind of sumif formula.


      For P05 it should sum up all values where in K1 is P05 because the level of P05 shows which K should be chosen for the sumif.


      Could you please help me with this? Or do you have a better idea to create a PL statement in QV?


      Many thanks!!!!