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    Parse error logs

      I'm working with a system that generates a mail each time an error occurs. I would like to extract the information from the error mails and present them in QlikView. I've exported the mails (some 2000) into a single CSV file, but since the mail content is structured text, I assume QlikView isn't suited to parse the content and extract the data? Is there some other tool/way you can recommend to parse and output the data into a more QlikView friendly format?

        • Parse error logs

          Hi Magnus,


          in very seldom cases we needed to convert data in a more structured format. In these cases we were using PHP or PERL, both being scripting languages with a lot of (text, date-) parsing/formatting  functions.


          But anyway.

          Why not: Give QV (and the forum-members) a chance and post a part of your errormail-file?


          Regards, Roland

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              Hi Roland,


              OK, I've attached a sample CSV containing five error mails. Each mail starts with "Data inconsistency found...". I would like to be able to analyze which product series and product numbers that are most frequently involved and then also drill down and see field numbers and node numbers that causes the errors. Do I need to convert this csv into a more structured format before inputting it into QlikView?




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                  Hi Magnus,


                  sorry, I was a bit busy for a while.


                  See attached example app with some suggestions using "only" QV-Scripting.

                  First I read in the raw data then I grouped the lines into messages (mails). Afterwards you can go on further: for ex.  splitting some lines and creating new fields (code number).


                  Hope all these point into the right direction.