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    Help with filtering calculated expressions using above()

      I am trying to filter a table that uses a calculated expression to evaluate the time between successive hospital admissions across a population of patients.


      The Time_Between_Readmissions is calculated as [HospitalAdmissionDate]-above([HospitalDischargeDate]) with PatientID and [HospitalAdmissionDate] as dimensions.


      The calculations work great but I am trying to filter the results to show only those records where Time_Between_Readmissions is within a specific range (say 0-30 days). For each patient, the first admission of each series has a null value for the calculated field (there is no record 'above').


      I have tried using set analysis for the calculated expression and also have tried using a calculated dimension using an 'if' statement.


      Any thoughts about how to filter the table so I only see the records of interest?