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    QV 11 - Loadscript hangs



      i have a problem with my loadingscript. i try to load from 4 excel-files, 1 mysql db and 1 qvd-file.

      my problem is, that after running the script (also after running the debugger) qv hangs. the syntaxcheck doesn't find a issue. the debugger runs the whole script without any error. it only says "script done".

      as i told befor,  qv hangs after running the script. i can store qvd-files without a problem.



        • QV 11 - Loadscript hangs
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

          Hi Soeren,


          It sounds like if something else was happening after the execution of the script, and that is usually when QlikView creates links between tables after they have been all loaded. There as a special case: synthetic tables (you will identify them in the Table Viewer or Ctrl + T because they are preceded by $Syn). This happens whenever the script loads two or more tables with two or more fields named alike. These tables don't do any harm necessarily when they are created on purpose (which I should admit, is not very often).


          This may happen when there are loops (two different ways to get from one table to another).


          Check that your data model is correct and that there are no more than one field linking two tables. Use labels before the LOAD statement to help you and further developments in that aspect.


          Hope that helps.