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    Problem with sorting!



      Let say i have a worked hours, and payed hours in execel as two collums. Lets also say i have a date collum with the date, for example, 2011-01-31, lets also say that i have a collum month.



      Worked hour      Payed hours      Date                                Month

      4                               4               2011-01-02                      Jan

      5                               3               2011-03-31                      Mars

      6                               6               2011-01-31                      Jan

      7                               5               2011-02-24                      Feb



      Now i want to plot this, and thats no problem, i use the Moth as dimention. And use tree functions, sum(Worked hour), sum(Payed hours).



      Then I make a list with the dates and month so i can choose between them.


      My problem is how to sort the x-axis of the diagram and the month list. I want ofc Jan,Feb,Mars. But i get Jan, Mars, Feb.



      Quite hard to explain but I hope someone understans. (I use the loadorder from execel)