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    Calculation Condition for a chart



      I have a bar chart with three expressions; total charges, total payments and total account balance. My dimension is country name.


      I would like to add a calculation condition to a chart that says only pull in charges and payments (already in chart) if the Hospital Account Status = Billed.


      Do I add a Calculation Condition on the general tab of the chart? If so, should it read - If(Hospital Account Status="Billed").


      Thanks in advance.

        • Calculation Condition for a chart
          John Duffy



          A Calculation Condition is used to determine whether or not a chart is to be displayed.


          If I understand your question correctly, you want to always display the chart but only total charges and payments if the Account Status = Billed.  In that case you want to add a condition to your expression something like:

          Sum(if(Acct_Status = 'Billed',Charges,null()))



          • Calculation Condition for a chart
            Stefan Wühl

            The calculation condition will affect the complete chart, calculate yes/no.

            If you want that,

            if([Hospital Account Status] = 'Billed',1,0)


            could do what you want.


            Do you want to limit the two expressions to a subset of the data only, depending on Hospital account status?


            For this, of your expression for charges is something like



            then change the expression to

            =sum({<[Hospital Account Status]= {Billed}>} Charges)


            and accordingly for payments.


            This is a set analysis expression, you could also try

            =sum(if([Hospital Account Status]= 'Billed', Charges))


            Hope this helps,