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    Problem with CR/LF in Full Editor

      Does anyone know why I cannot press Enter in the full editor of this group but instead have to insert <br> or <p> into the HTML to get paragraph separation?
      Just annoying, not work stopping.
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          Stefan Wühl

          You are talking about the editor here in the community forum?


          Well, it's working for me, but I noticed some other differences between different browsers. I am using Chrome, Firefox and Opera (and probably also IE from time to time).


          Which browser version are you using?

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              I am currently using IE9. I have Chrome and FireFox, but don't normally use them for work stuff. If I start typing and then use the arrow key to move to the left positioning where I want to insert the CRLF, it works. It's like the editor doesn't like a <br> or <p> trailing the end of the text or something unless I force it in the HTML editor.