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    Cannot read text file.

    Sokkorn Cheav

      Dear values visitors,


      I got an issue with (.dat) file. For each file store like this:

      {1=A    2=B    3=C}{1=X    2=Y    
      3=Z}{1=N    4=M    5=O}{1=K    6=P    10=R}

      This is mean that one record seperate by {} and have no specific enter line.


      So the result after QlikView read is like below:

      1=A    2=B    3=C
      1=X    2=Y    3=Z
      1=N    4=M    5=O
      1=K    6=P    10=R


      How can I achieve this?


      Very much appreciate for your idea.


      Enclosure: DATA.dat    (Open with Notepad to see content)




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          Sokkorn Cheav



          Any suggestion on my case?




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              Dave Riley

              Hi Sokkorn,



              Two solutions come to mind.  One would be to feed your .dat file through a vbs routine to read the data between the { and } characters line by line.


              The second option is to loop through the rows in the load script and rebuild the data as necessary.  Something like this would work ...


              LOAD RecNo() as DataRecRef, @1 as Data
              (txt, codepage is 1252, no labels, delimiter is \x7f, no quotes); // using a delimiter you know doesn't exist


              DataRows: //Need to force the order of the table
              NoConcatenate LOAD DataRecRef, Data
              resident DataRowTmp order by DataRecRef;

              DROP TABLE DataRowTmp;

              LET vRowBuilder = '';

              For r = 1 to NoOfRows('DataRows')

              LET vRow = peek('Data',$(r),'DataRows');

              //let x = msgbox('$(vRow)'); //testing
              If vRow = '}' then

              LOAD '$(r)' as RecRef, '$(vRowBuilder)' as RealRow
              resident DataRows;

              LET vRowBuilder = '';


              LET vRowBuilder = '$(vRowBuilder)' & '    ' & '$(vRow)';  //not sure on tab ascii character needed




              It will need some tweaking to make it work exactly but should give you a start.




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                just to understand.

                Do you want a result table with a record like this:


                A    B    C    X    Y    Z    N    M    O    K    P    R

                1    2    3    1    2    3    1    4    5    1    6    10

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                Ralf Becher

                Hi Sokkorn,


                I hope I understand it right, that's my proposal:



                LOAD rec, SubField(line, '=', 1) as field, SubField(line, '=', 2) as value;

                LOAD if(RecNo()>1 and delim='', peek(rec), autonumber(if(delim='{', RecNo()))) as rec, line, delim;

                LOAD trim(left(@1:n, 1)) as delim, @1:n as line

                FROM DATA.dat

                (fix, codepage is 1252);



                generic load * resident temp_data where field <> '{' and field <> '}';



                There are also some examples here to consolidate the huge amount of tables of the generic load ..


                - Ralf

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                    Sokkorn Cheav

                    Hi Ralf,


                    Your solution is awesome. Is it posible to merge all tables into one? So that I can easy to store data into one QVD.


                    Copy: flipside: Your solution is working for small amount of data. Totally I have 10GB of data source. When apply your solution, then my pc getting stuck.


                    Copy: giampiero: Not really. You can download Ralf's file to see data store.


                    Copy: Ashutosh: Your solution working find but pc performance used memory arount 680,000K while Ralf's solution use only 350,000K for 3 million records.


                    Again, Ralf's solution is the best for me. But I still need your help to combine all those generic load into one table only. The reason is easy to store into QVD file.


                    By the way, still say many thanks for your kind support on my case.




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                    Sokkorn Cheav

                    Hi All,


                    Many thank for your prompt response. Let me test your solution after back to office.




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                      Here's a slightly different approach to collapsing the "generic" tables.  With the current data I can't measure a LOAD time but included the calculation in the QVW for use when it's run against the entire dataset.