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    Missing months in a chart

    Frédéric Villemin



      this is probably one of the silliest question of this forum but i still can't find a good solution :


      i have a datasource with projects and products by month


      month, project, product, amount

      2012/01, P1, Product1, 10

      2012/01, P1, Product2, 10

      2012/02, P1, Product1, 20

      2012/03, P1, Product1, 30

      2012/03, P1, Product2, 50

      2012/04, P2, Product3;100

      and many other lines for many projects and many months


      When i make a chart with Project P1 select, i have all three months

      But if i select only product2, i will only see 2012/01 and 2012/03 with no mention of 2012/02


      In the chart i could unselect "Suppress zero values" but it seems i would get the 2012/04 month from Project 2 and i don't want that


      How can i do ?

      I have tried with a master calendar but it doesn't seem to work

      And with formulas in the Month dimension, neither