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    IF condition in an ODBC connect

      Hi there



      I develop the QV apply on my computer, and for this state, my appli feed itself with a database A.


      When I've finished the apply, I transfert it on a windows server, and then, the apply should have to feed itself on a database B.



      I think this is possible to test the server or whatever, with an IF condition, to execute one or the other connexion to the right database.


      Like :



      if ("I'm on my computer") {

           ODBC CONNECT TO [my_odbc_connexion_A];    



      else {

           ODBC CONNECT TO [my_odbc_connexion_B];




      But I don't know what I'am suppose to test on ? the IP ? the machine's name ?




      Thanks for reading a french problem, excuse my president, and have a nice day