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    Best way to set one value based on another



      I have a table that I have imported into QV containing budget information. The table has the following fields:






      The accountants have this thing they are fixated on called the Forecast_Outturn which isn't included in the budget table. It's calculated on the fly and the rule is:


      If (Numerical_Forecast is NULL)

      Forecast_Outturn = FY_Budget


      Forecast_Outturn = Numerical_Forecast

      End If


      I want to create a simple chart that shows the FY_Budget against the Forecast_Outturn for any given Objective Code. Can anyone suggest the best way to calculate the Forecast_Outturn value (i.e. should I do it in the load script, as an expression etc.) and make it available to my QlikView workbook?


      Thanks in advance,