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    Remove GetQvObject callback for input boxes etc

      I cannot figure out how to remove a callback function that i have set. I want the callback to be triggered one time and then removed.

      I add the callback like this:


      var VarCallback = function (){
           this.SetVariable( "0", 0); // how do we remove call to this callback function? it is called every time the variable is updated!
      function CloseFavourite(inputBoxId){
           pek = _pek1;
           var inputbox = pek.GetQvObject( inputBoxId, VarCallback);


      This works but the problem is that VarCallback() gets called every time the variable in inputBoxId gets updated.


      Is there a way to remove callbacks assigned using GetQvObject ?

      Bonus points: can a callback function be removed that was assigned using Qva.AddExtension ?