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    ClearCache not clearing memory with qvs.exe

    Sally Hurley



      I have a macro that exports a number of charts to a text file.  The chart export is contained in a loop, that selects a provider, exports, then loops for the next provider, through the pre-selected list.  As it runs, QV uses more an more memory.


      I added ActiveDocument.ClearCache to the end of the loop, so that it would clear memory before selecting the next provider.  when running this through Desktop, this ran wonderfully, and the whole processe never took more than 500Mb.  However, I run the same thing on QV Server, and the memory never gets cleared - the whole process takes up a maximum of 5.9Gb.  This is causing the process to bomb on a 32 bit system.


      Any ideas why ClearCache doesn't work on server?  Is there something similar I can run on QV Server?  Once I export the table contents, I have no reason to hang onto it in memory - I'd like it to just drop and go to the next.