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    Do you know where I can get freelance - home remote QV jobs?

    Pablo Parnisari

      I´m Pablo Parnisari and I´ve a Systems Bachelor degree. Currently I´m looking for QlikView projects / jobs in a freelance / remote basis.

      I've almost 3 years as a QlikView Consultant and developer, and long experience with databases with large amounts of data.

      I've being working with SQL, SAP, Excels, SAP Reports, CSV and other datasources, generating dashboards, reports and some level of interaction beteween QV and user using input fields and excel configuration fields, reload on user demand thru EDXs, etc; besides 20 years experience working on several IT possitions (see my CV in linkedin: http://ar.linkedin.com/in/pabloparnisari or my blog http://qlikviewtips.wordpress.com/).

      I'll appreciate any suggestion o contact thru my email: consulting@pabloparnisari.com.ar.


      Thanks !