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    Value Loop and Input Boxes - Create Bar Chart

      Hi Guys,


      I am trying to build a qlikview model where there are a few input boxes that the EU can use and will be called later to populate the report. What I wanted to do was chart the values this person has selected for each.


      So what is happening is this. vYear1 = 100, vYear2 = 200 ...vYearN = N..etc. I now want to create a bar chart with Year as the axis.


      In the model is a variable called Financial Year, lets say its 2012, and a variable called modelling years, lets say 5. I have used the function Valueloop to create the dimension


      =ValueLoop(vFinancialYear,vFinancialYear + vModellingYears).... Gives me 2012, 20132, 2014....n etc as my axis. Now how do i call the values from the input boxes and correctly allocate them to the year on the axis.


      I've attached a model that shows what im trying to achieve