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    Hidden Sheets

      Hi All,


      I have a question on Hidden sheet functionality in QV application.

      If I hide 5 sheets in my Application will the sheet objects under hidden sheets consume memory and have some average calculation time.

        • Hidden Sheets
          Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce



          No, hidden objects as well as minimized objects are not calculated. They will use some memory though because they have some properties, colors, expressions and so, but a very small amount.


          Hope that helps.



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              Deepak Vadithala

              Hi Miguel,


              Please correct me if my understanding is not right :


              I think persistent objects (sheets and chart objects) without show/hide conditions are not calculated but consume tiny memory to store properties. But if there is show/hide condition in the sheet/chart properties then the calculation is done and full memory is used. Is this right?


              Also, I wanted to understand how accurate is the memory statistics? Some of the simple chart objects consume high memory and high calculation time. Please can you explain?


              Thank you for your help.




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                  Raj vadde

                  Hi Miguel,

                                 Let me add few more to what deepak asked. i see calculation time varies each time it shows as 16 sometime and sometime it shows as 1216 .


                  the number it's showing is sec or milliseconds ?



                  And i have a straight table with 3 dimension and  5 expression (of around like 800 records ). but i cloned the same object and removed one expression.


                  when i see the calculation time for  the object with 5 expression takes about 1155 and same object with four expressiion takes about  1170.


                  i don't understand why the straight table with less num. of expression takes more calculation time?


                  I couldn't interpret anything with this result can somebody throw some light on this



                  Thanks In Advance

                  Have a good day