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    Hierarchy with SAP Extractor Connector



      I'm trying to load the profit-center account groups (transaction KDH3) out of SAP. Therefore I'am using the data source '0ACCOUNT_0109_HIER'.


      The data load works and the hierarchy nodes are beeing loaded. So far as there are just individual accounts assigned to the account group nodes it's fine. If there are intervals assigned to the nodes hovewer you just get the the name of the group in the field nodename (ex.: 1000KA1201             001), but not the effective interval (ex.: 10000000400061-10000000400067).


      As I found out it's possible to get the name of the Idoc structure (in this case: E1RSHND) from the load script and look it oup in the develop idoc transaction (WE30) in SAP. For the object name ZSQAQTQVCEXTR1 i found this structure along with other related structure names (E1RSHTX, E1RSHND, E1RSHIV, E1RSHFT). With this information it is possible to copy & paste the generated load script fragment and load the information out of structure E1RSHIV 'Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy intervals'  and to get the intervals at last.


      There has to be an easyier way - but I haven't found yet... So do anyone knows how to do this straight forward with the extractor dialog?


      Thanks in advance.


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          Ok, since no one seems to have a easyier way I have to assume that there isn't one yet...


          Regardless of that the hierarchy load via Extractor Connector seems to me the easiest way to load SAP hierarchies.

          The following IDoc Segm.type are available to load necessary hierarchy information from SAP: 


             E1RSSH                         Data transfer IDoc: Header information

                 E1RSHIE                        Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy header information

                     E1RSHTX                        Data transfer Idoc: Language-dependent texts of hierarchy

                     E1RSHND                        Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy nodes

                     E1RSHIV                        Data transfer Idoc: Hierarchy intervals

                     E1RSHFT                        Data transfer Idoc: Name of node that cannot be posted to

                 E1RSTXT                        Data transfer IDoc: Texts


          Given this, the script text has to look just about like this:






          SQL EXTRACTOR [DataSource]

          UPDMODE H   // Hierarchy extractor

          HIERARCHY [HierarchyName]


          HIERTABLE [IDoc Segm.type]




          The easiest way is to generate the script text via extractor generator and to to copy & past and adapt the fieldlist and the [IDoc Segm.type] afterwards.


          Unfortunately there is - at least in my case - one big problem:

          If the hierarchy intervals are beeing load the first interval NODEID has no LEAFFROM and LEAFTO values, although the IDoc do have the given values in the output structure of SAP (SAP s_tcode WE02). For all the following interval nodes it works just fine. But unfortunately it's worth nothing whitout the first values... Example see below:


          DataSource:            0ACCOUNT_0109_HIER

          IDoc Segm.type:        E1RSHIV

          HierarchyName:        any hierarchy account hierarchy with intervals


          Does anyone has an idea what the problem could be and how to solve? I would already be glad if someone could test this in a first step in his own system and confirm or disprove this system behaviour.