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    Problem with a direct link on the QV Dashboard.

    Anatoly Pyatygo

      Hello, guys,


      I need your help


      I have Qlikview 11 SR1 (build 11282) server installation with IIS web server (instead of QlikView web server)


      Qlikview server security settings is:


      Web server authentication settings is:


      When I try to go to Acces point: http://myserver/qlikview/index.htm

      I get a query for enter user login and password (from my IIS):



      I enter my user login and password and enter into AccessPoint and see all my QV documents. I can open any document in any clients (IE Plugin, Ajax). That's fine.


      But when I try to open my qlikview document with direct link for IE Plugin client (without using my AccessPoint), for example:



      I got IIS login query also (see my previous picture) and after entering my login and password this document (TimeSheet Analyse.qvw) doesn't open I got additional query for user login and password from QlikView server:



      But when I use direct link for AJAX client (without using my AccessPoint):


      I got query from IIS also, and after entering my login/password this document is opening without any additional queries from login.htm page... That's fine as well when I use my AccessPoint.


      But how Can I achieve such behaviour for IE plugin direct link?


      I can't understand where are mistakes in the security settings...


      Thanks a lot....