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    Please help with understanding syntax

      Very new to QV, and I come from a traditional programming world (VBA, SQL, etc.) I need to filter data in a list. I looked for previous messages, and I found a "simple" example which took a simple list of three columns: the first was just a letter, the second column ("IsActive") was either 1 or 0, and the third was an amount ("Salary"). The expression he used to filter the table was:
      sum( {$<Salary = E({1<IsActive={0}>})>} Salary )
      I cannot make head nor hair out of this. He used a LOAD * INLINE statement to add data like "a,1,100,b,0,400,c,1,200", etc. for the purposes of the example The output just showed a and c, their IsActive status (both "1"), and their respective salary amounts, and the sum of salaries at the top.  Could someone take pity on a noob, and explain what "(1<IsActive={0}>))>)" means? The QV reference manual is of limited help. Thanks in advance for your assistance.