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    macro problem in IE plugin

      Hi all,


      i'm trying to run the below macro code in IE Plugin.


      Using System Data:


      QlikView 11 SR1 server

      Internet Explorer Browser.


      sub runDoc

      set Var=ActiveDocument.Variables("vTest")

      set App=ActiveDocument.GetApplication


      set UserFile = App.OpenDoc ("http://localhost/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=Pass%20parameters%20in%20Web/"&vApp.GetContent.String&".qvw&host=QVS@share","","")

      set v = UserFile.Variables("vTest")

      v.SetContent Var.GetContent. String,true

      ActiveDocument.ClearAll false

      end sub


      Please can some one tell me why the macro is not working.


      Thanks in advance.