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    AJAX and passing in a value (to a variable?) via URL

    Isaiah Weed

      Hey All - I am struggling with passing in a value to a QlikView app using the AJAX client via the URL.  I know I can make an initial selection in a listbox using the select=ListBoxID,value syntax but that is causing me problems because some of the values being passed in don't exist in my data.  That in conjunction with the "last session state" functionality will end up showing the wrong data to my users.


      Instead I'm trying to find a better way; my first thought here would be to store the passed in value in a variable, then I could compare against my dataset and display a message to the user if the value doesn't exist in the QV dataset.  I know setting a variable used to be possible with the qvp:// syntax, but I need to use the AJAX client.  From reading through some posts this isn't possible "out of the box" but it seems like something may be possible by modifying the opendoc.htm file.


      Does anyone have any experience they could share or have any other ideas?


      Thanks -Isaiah

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          I'm trying to do the same thing. We use variables within our documents and pass values in when using qvp. We are evaluating AJAX and need to pass values in to variables as well. Were you sucessful? If so could you post an example?

          • AJAX and passing in a value (to a variable?) via URL
            Isaiah Weed

            No luck here rspring ~ I'm thinking this is not possible, or at least not documented.


            For the short term, I have been able to (mostly) workaround by creating an island table with one field containing just about every possible value that could be passed in, and using the select=ListBoxID syntax.  The list of values comes from the source system where the URL is being generated, but values can be added all day long.  So in my case this wouldn't handle new values added in the source system (why I wanted to use a variable to begin with.)  Not optimal, but I guess it'll have to do for now.  Then I use a trigger on the defined field that attempts to select the passed in value in my "real" field.