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    Session Expired vs. Socked Closed by Client



      I have a QlikView document running 24/7 on a TV monitor displaying operational information using the IE Plugin. There is a script running every 30 minutes that restarts IE and re-opens the document to make sure it doesn't timeout, etc.


      On the development server, every time the document is closed and opened the Sessions.log file shows an entry with the Exit Reason: "Socked closed by client" with the Session Duration being 30 minutes.


      On the production server it shows an entry: "Session expired after idle time" with a Session Duration of 90 minutes.


      As far as I can tell the settings are the same between the servers, and the document is identical.


      Why would they behave differently?





      Edit: Both servers are running 64 bit, and Client Build Number: 11.0.11149.0